Live Your Best Life

An Enviro+Mental Wellness Movement Sprouting September 22nd


A bi-Monthly Experience

Catch the Vibes

Grassy Vibes is an enviro+mental wellness movement.

We curate culture in our community through mindful eating,
wellness activations, and live entertainment by producing a bi-monthly retail pop-up.

What is best for our planet is best for ourselves.
We celebrate that everyone’s “best” is different.
We grow together.  

Find Your Grassy Vibe.

And now that you don’t have to be perfect,
you can be good.
— John Steinbeck

Schedule of Events


An array of activities from live music, dance, and theater performances to art installations, fitness classes, and food and drink tastings welcomes Angelenos and visitors from all walks of life – seeking inspiration, community, and connection.

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Plant-Froward Food

Live Music

Live Music


Wellness Activations

Dance Party

Dance Party

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Sustainable Goods

Adult Crafts

Adult Crafting

There is no Planet B.